Jul 1, 2022
Personal projects

Exploring the World of Virtual Reality: My Journey as an Artist and Researcher

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From a very young age, I have always been passionate about technology and innovation. I have always been interested in how technology can help us create new things and revolutionize the way we experience the world. That's why, when I entered Javeriana University, I knew I wanted to focus on the field of virtual reality and digital immersion.
It was during my university career that I began to gestate my most ambitious project to date: a virtual reality experience that would connect the viewer with his or her own body. I wanted my project to allow users to explore a virtual world in a completely new way, where they could feel immersed in the experience and connected to their digital environment in a way they had never experienced before.

Walking, Jumping, and Meditating in Virtual Reality: My Vision of the Future

After four years of research in this field, I began to translate all my ideas into an artistic work that could reflect everything I had been working on for so long. And so my virtual reality project was born. An experience that transports the viewer to a virtual world where they can walk, jump, relax, meditate and discover the hidden and secret spaces that I had created.
This project was awarded a Cum Laude award, which made me immensely proud of my work. During the five months it took me to create this work, I used all my knowledge acquired in virtual reality research, as well as my experience in recreating spaces in 360, programming in Unity and Unreal, and creating workflows to find the most optimal way to create an immersive scenario.

The Sound of Immersion: How I Used Audio to Enhance My VR Experience

To make the experience even more realistic, I decided to add a high immersive sound content, with about 28 sound sources that guide the viewer inside the virtual space. The music, sound effects and sound ambience are vital elements that allow the user to become even more immersed in the experience and feel completely immersed in the virtual world I have created.
To achieve this, I had to go even further and immerse myself in a 9-day silent retreat in order to understand those hidden specters of virtuality and make them concrete in my artistic work. It was a challenging but extremely rewarding experience that allowed me to connect with my own creativity and explore new ideas and concepts in the world of virtual reality.

How My Research in VR Earned Me a Scholarship

This theoretical project not only sought to create the first imprints of virtual reality, but also allowed me to win a scholarship to attend the Festival University in Austria, where I was recognized for my expertise in this field. This was an incredibly exciting moment for me, as I was able to share my work with a global audience and learn from other experts in the field of virtual reality.

The Future of VR: Perspectives from an Artist and Researcher

For me, this project is a milestone in my career as a researcher and creator in virtual reality. I hope to continue to contribute my knowledge and experience in this field and to be able to continue to surprise my audience with new and exciting immersive experiences in the future. I want to continue exploring the world of virtual reality and take this technology to new heights, which will allow me to continue creating experiences that will leave a mark on future generations.

If you want to read my research (In spanish for this moment), follow this link:

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